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Journey North produces one of the most interesting web pages that I am aware of. It is a prime educational tool for teachers and appeals to nature interests of all ages. Recently Journey North posted some very interesting information concerning Whooping Cranes and the Seasons, The Annual Cycle of the Whooping Crane. We wanted our viewers to be aware of Journey North’s information and we pasted their post in hopes it will be easier for you to open. We invite you to click on the “blue links” below to observe some excellent photography and associated information about whooping cranes.

Chester McConnell, Web Page Editor, Whooping Crane Conservation Association

Whooping Cranes and the Seasons
The Annual Cycle of the Whooping Crane

More Slideshows
Photo gallery of annual cycle
Month by month, where are Whooping cranes and what are they doing? Explore the annual cycle to discover how Whooping cranes respond to the seasons.

Essential Question
What is the annual cycle of the Whooping Crane?



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