Wood Buffalo Whooper Breeding Survey

Whooping Crane breeding surveys in and around Wood Buffalo National Park were completed the last week in May by Kathy St. Laurent and Lea Craig-Moore.

Lea advises that, “Last year 62 nests were found and in 2008 a record number of 66 were found. This year I am pleased to report 74 nests were found. Only four 2009 territories did not have a nest this year. A third nest as been found in the Lobstick creek area on
Salt River First Nation Land, just a few kilometers northeast of the
Lobstick male’s northern territory. Water conditions are fantastic and
all marshes appear to be full.”

Fledging surveys and banding of juveniles will begin the first week of
August. Lea stated,”I’ll let The Whooping Crane Conservation Association know how August turns out”