Summary of Nesting in the Three Whooping Crane Flocks

Brian Johns, Wildlife Biologist, Canadian Wildlife Service sends a brief report on the most recent events concerning the Aransas-Wood Buffalo whooping crane flock, the Wisconsin-Florida migratory experimental flock and the Florida non-migratory experimental flock.

Aransas/Wood Buffalo flock:
Brian reports that, “Some whoopers that departed their Aransas, Texas wintering habitat have migrated to Canada while others continue on their way. The cranes are in the process of completing their migration to Wood Buffalo. There have been fewer sightings in Canada this spring compared to other years, which may mean that the birds have had good migration conditions and have moved on through or that there are still a few birds to come. Habitat conditions on the breeding grounds appear to be near normal and Lea Craig-Moore will begin nesting surveys in about 10 days.”

Brian advised that, “Twelve nests were initiated this spring in Wisconsin and as of May 3 all nests had failed.”

Biologist Johns wrote that, “Three nests were initiated by whoopers in Florida’s non-migratory flock. One nest failed, one is being incubated and one has a 46 day old chick.”