Coloring Book

For our younger members and visitors here are some pictures of Whooping Cranes by Vickie Taylor for you to print out and color.

Whooping Crane Chick Hiding in Marsh

Parent Feeding Chick

Flying Whoopers

Crane Dance

Whooping Crane Family

Whats on the Menu

Dinner Time

Crane Dance Encore

To get some ideas for the correct colors to use, visit our Picture Gallery and Video Gallery.

What can you do to help Whooping Cranes?

— Learn about Whooping Cranes (sometimes called “Whoopers) by visiting this web site often.

— Get your school or class or family to join the Whooping Crane Conservation Association. You will receive newsletters that keep you informed about everything going on with whoopers. It cost only $10.00 per year to be a member.

— Encourage power companies to mark power lines with colored balls in migratory paths of whooping cranes.

— Tell your family and friends that whooping cranes are North America’s symbol of conservation and we need to protect them.