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Grus Americana newsletters available on line.

The latest issue of Grus Americana (Spring 2019), the newsletter of the Whooping Crane Conservation Association, has been mailed to members, to obtain a copy please go to our Membership page to join the WCCA and help support whooping crane conservation, a bargain at only $20.

The newsletter contains items such as:

  • Reducing the risk of crane collisions with power lines
  • George Gee – Trustee Emeritus
  • musings about Robert Porter Allen
  • Aransas/Wood Buffalo population update
  • update on the Eastern Migratory Population
  • update on the Louisiana Whooping Crane Population
  • 2019 Wood Buffalo fledgling count
  • Ontario whooping crane shooting and Reward offered
  • Trustee Emeritus Dayton Hyde passes away.
  • an opportunity for members and friends of the WCCA to contribute to whooping crane recovery;

Previous issues of the newsletter Grus Americana can be viewed free in our Newsletters archive.