All Whooping Cranes Migrating To Canada

By: Chester McConnell, Whooping Crane Conservation Association
All whooping cranes that wintered on the Aransas National Refuge on the Texas coast have now departed for their nesting habitats at Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada. According to Dan Alonso, Refuge Manager, “Our staff has not detected any whooping cranes on the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge for more than week and it is believed that the birds are in full migration mode. They are arriving at Wood Buffalo National Park in the Northwest Territories of Canada where they nest exclusively. We continue to download data from the radio-marked birds, as well as receive information from actual sightings.”
The refuge is still waiting on the final report on the second whooping carcass recovered on Aransas Refuge (January 18). Now there is a third whooper carcass that must be examined. This one involves the criminal shooting of a whooping crane in South Dakota. This shooting is currently under investigation by federal and state authorities. The Whooping Crane Conservation Association has established a reward for information leading to the conviction of the whooper killing. For details on the reward click on the following link: