Happy New Year!

Grus Americana (Fall 2016)

The latest issue of Whooping Crane Conservation Association newsletter, has been mailed to members, to obtain a copy please go to our Membership link to join the WCCA and help support whooping crane conservation, a bargain at only $20.

The newsletter contains items such as: how the WCCA was able to participate in a project to secure wintering habitat for whooping cranes on the Texas coast and how you may be able to help support additional purchases of this fast dwindling resource in the future.

We also have important updates on all the wild populations of whooping cranes including the natural Aransas Wood Buffalo Population and the three introduced populations (Eastern Migratory and the Florida and Louisiana Resident populations).

An exciting new children’s book about the bond between a human and a crane is introduced.

There is also an update in the sentencing of an individual who shot two whooping cranes in Eastern Texas and how the WCCA helped solve the case by providing a reward to the informants.

Older issues of Grus Americana can be viewed free at our Newsletters link.

Aransas/Wood Buffalo Report

Dr. Wade Harrell of the US Fish and Wildlife Service has provided the WCCA with the following report on surveys of the Aransas/Wood Buffalo whooping crane population and current habitat conditions on the wintering grounds: