Louisiana Whooping Cranes Scouting Around

FENTON5Latest report from Texas Whooper Watch regarding the two Louisiana Whooping Cranes that have been spending the past few weeks at a lake in Wise County Lake, Texas.

“Wise County whooper duo update – On Friday, June 7, the two whoopers that had been at Lake Ray Hubbard for over five weeks departed. GPS tracking points showed that they moved west and then northeast. The last reported coordinate was on a farm pond in Wise County on Sunday, June 9. We will keep you posted if this duo seems to linger at a location again.”

On June 6th, Texas Whooper Watch had an interesting Whooping Crane sighting. “Another interesting whooper sighting in Texas: A group of five yearling whooping cranes from the Louisiana reintroduced population have wandered into East Texas, in Polk County. Thus far we do not really know what habitats they are associated with, and they may move through the area rapidly. We’ll keep you updated!”

Report from June 10th:  “Fenton 5” update – The five Louisiana whooping cranes that moved to Polk County last week have continued to move. We have not had any sightings “on the ground,” but the GPS telemetry data show that the group moved north to another lake as of Sunday, June 9. This restless group may continue to move, or might find a site to linger, so please feel free to let other wildlife watchers know that we are interested in sightings. Thanks!”

Texas Whooper Watch also reports: “Chris Jackson, who writes a blog, http://dfwurbanwildlife.com  about DFW urban wildlife (and who helped monitor the Lake Ray Hubbard duo), got a chance to check out the “Fenton 5″ at another lake Monday evening, June 10. Here are some of his notes: 

”All five  Whoopers present and accounted for tonight. They ranged far and wide on the flood plain while I was there (walking and flying between locations). I was on site for about an hour.”

WCCA wishes to thank the Texas Whooper Watch and to Chris Jackson of DFW Urban Wildlife for the updates. Photo courtesy Chris Jackson