Send Season’s Greetings by Whooper

This Holiday Season, or for any other special occasion, why not send a Whooper eGreeting?

Select from one of 9 designs in our Greeting Card Gallery.

If your friends, family and loved ones don’t have email, don’t worry – simply print out this DIY Whooper Christmas Card, pop it in an old-fashioned envelope and mail them a reminder that you are thinking about them and that they should be thinking about Whoopers!

Folding Instructions

Print the Whooper Christmas card and place it face down with the Whooper Picture facing away from you.

Fold in half by taking the bottom edge of the paper to the top making a nice even crease.  If you are using think paper you may need to score the crease with a knife (careful not to cut all the way through).

Turn the card around so that the Whooper Picture is nearer to you, but still facing down.

Again, bring the bottom edge up to the top making a strong fold.  Use the back of a spoon or a ruler to press along the crease if required.


Your card should now be ready for you to fill in your greeting.  If the paper is thin you may need a little paper glue or double sided tape to make it look better.


Happy Holidays, and don’t forget – a WCCA Membership Subscription makes a great gift.